How to fix a rejected Google My Business post? [2023]

How to fix a rejected Google My Business post? [2023]
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You may have recently noticed that some posts made in Google My Business get rejected. Initially, it appeared to be a bug, but after doing some tests, we realized that some posts were being rejected because of a filter like google my business post size.

It is very frustrating when your post is rejected on Google My Business. We all know how important it is to post on Google My Business to boost local and overall ranking.

There was also a noticeable issue with those who posted regularly. If you post rarely, then you may not encounter this issue. If you do, it’s important to know how to fix it.

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When a Google My Business post is rejected, how do you fix it?

You should write unique posts and use a new photo that hasn’t been used before. Try to post authentic content, and it should work just fine. Learn how to represent your business on Google.

There are a variety of reasons why your post may be flagged; here are a few steps you can take to prevent it.

  1. Content that is irrelevant or spammy
  2. Posting the same photo more than once is not recommended
  3. Stock photos should not be used
  4. Put an image in the centre or without any text
  5. Descriptions should be unique
  6. Don’t include URLs or phone numbers in the description
  7. Make your posts more interesting by adding variety


Content that is irrelevant or spammy

Your post is most likely to get rejected if it contains irrelevant, spammy content like spammy links and spamming videos. Any content that appears to be sensitive may get picked up by the filter and rejected.

You should be fine if you write simple, authentic content that represents your business positively.

Find out how to write SEO content and Google My Business posts that your users will love.


Posting the same photo more than once is not recommended.

Just make sure you are not using the same photo that has been used previously in Google My Business posts.

It may not be the best user experience if you use the same photo each time you share a story. If possible, try and use different images each time. A few repeats occasionally may be fine.

Find out how to optimize images for search engines.


Stock photos should not be used

You should avoid using stock photos in Google My Business. In most cases, stock photos may just work fine, but if your post keeps getting rejected, try a more personalized photo.

Adding a little personal touch to your stock photo can also increase your chances of getting accepted.


Put an image in the center or without any text

Trying a photo without text or even if you have text, make sure it is in the center if your post is being rejected.

Your content will not provide the best user experience if part of it is cropped.


Descriptions should be unique.

Bring some uniqueness to your description. No one likes the same old boring stuff, so write a few good unique lines.

It’s the easiest way for Google to compare your posts and reject those that are repeated.


Don’t include URLs or phone numbers in the description.

Rather than overdoing it by placing your call to action in the description text, Google allows you to display your URL or phone number using a dedicated call-to-action button.


Make your posts more interesting by adding variety.

Try to include variety in your posts, which will also help you to add unique content.

The purpose of creating unique nice reading content is to keep people interested in reading fresh content.


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If you encounter this situation, follow the above guidelines, and you should be able to resolve it.


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