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Efficacious Pack of SEO and SMM

We are living in 2020, where living without social media seems next-to-impossible. As far as business success is in your mind, you must have meticulously designed digital marketing services by Shrey Webs on-board. By offers you a well-optimized suite of most result-driven digital marketing services, we guarantee that by no means you remain deprived of social media exposure. Our dynamic and flexible digital marketing services are here to help you become a leader.

  • On-page SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-page SEO
  • SMM or Social Media Marketing Management
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Pay Per Click

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is the talk of the town and has won millions of hearts. It is the most beneficial affair for businesses as the incurring happening, in this case, is directly proportional to the prospects’ attention you’ll get. It means PPC will always give the expected Return on Investment. Shrey Webs will help you bring your business at the front line by doing smart PPC campaigning.

  • Get noticed by your target audience in right platforms
  • Text and Display Ads
  • Shopping and re-marketing ads

Impressive Web Designing

If custom-made, engaging, and mobile-ready website is what you want, choosing Shrey Webs would be the ideal move. A skilled and seasoned team would take the matter in its hands and will bequeath you a highly result-driven and well-optimized business website without burning cash and consuming months. All the web-designing tasks are controlled by the award-winning and skilled teams.

  • Hands-on experience in skills like Joomla, Magneto, WordPress, and HubSpot
  • Custom design, informative widgets, and multiple integrations
  • Optimization like never before
  • Organic traffic at your disposal.
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Email Marketing

With around 298 billion e-mails generated per day roughly, e-mail marketing is the dark horse that can make you win the race. It’s a well-known fact that email marketing yields out $44 for each $ 1 spent. Hire the email marketing services of Shrey Webs and enjoy one-of-its-kind digital marketing that can take you at doors of success in the most straightforward manner.

  • A/B Testing of every campaign
  • Creative theme development and execution
  • Emails coding and editing
  • Monthly lead generation reports

Online Reputation Management

Just as your in-store customers have to trust you, your digital space customers should also have faith in you. Just show your trust on Shrey Webs, and we make it happen at the drop-of-a-hat. With our end-to-end digital marketing solution, we will help you improve your digital market presence, build an impressive brand image, and will help you build a rapport with your customers.

  • Build and manage the reputation
  • Recover your long-gone online reputation
  • Continual reputation monitoring and taking remedial actions
  • Comment optimization and removal of negative comments
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Lead Generation

To climb up the ladder of success, every business needs leads. Shrey Webs will help you get quality and organic leads with its vast and hands-on experience in digital marketing.

  • Gather lead from multiple platforms
  • Real-time delivery
  • ROI more than your expectations

Digital PR

With the use of high-end digital marketing tools and strategies, our digital marketing experts are here to do notable digital PR for your business. With great localization abilities, we help you get connected with the targeted audiences in no time.

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Time-to-time press releases
  • Powerful distribution network
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Engaging Local Marketing

Every first step towards success for any business is reaching out to the local markets. Local only can take you at the global level, and Shrey Webs is aware of this fact very well. That is why we have a team of digital marketing experts equipped with nitty-gritty of local digital marketing. By optimizing your business and services as per the local market need, we help you drive more and more sales from your local areas.

  • Better and impressive local marketing
  • Deliver what the customers want
  • Positive engagement with the locals

Online Review Collection

Never underestimate the power of a positive customer review. A positive word of mouth is the stateliest marketing strategy that every business vouches for. In the digital world, this job is done with positive online reviews. If you need such kind of online reviews, then call us. Our digital marketing team will provide you well-crafted, genuine-looking, and real-time reviews for your business and help you have a great brand image.

  • Review collection from all the leading social media platforms
  • Send bulk review requests
  • Do continual monitoring of your reviews and optimize them well
  • Have an automated review follow-up process
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Business Need Digital Marketing Services?

It is an opportunity to expand your business to the global marketplace; India has 706 Million internet users. Imagine internet users across the world. Digital Marketing services can help you increase your brand awareness, brand loyalty, and drive much-needed sales for your business. It is one of the essential, cost-effective, and highly recommendable ways to reach out to your prospective customers. Contrary to the traditional marketing methods, you can track the responses immediately and reach out to your target customers at any given point of time.

How would my business be benefitted leveraging your digital marketing services?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is indeed a tough job. Still, with Shrey Webs, the scenario is different as we work with you as your business partner, throughout your digital marketing journey. At Shrey Webs, we ensure that be it social media, search engines, or any other platform, your prospective customers can interact and complement your business through all the channels. Evaluating your brand, product, or services, we craft a top-of-the-line strategy to ensure your business achieves new heights of success.

Do you guarantee results?

The question can’t be answered in a yes or a no. SEO is a long-term process; it’s not an overnight success. SEO results take time, but the wait is worth it. To ensure you about success, what we can do is share our success stories or can put you in touch with them to help you better understand what kind of results we can produce.

What type of digital marketing services you provide?

We provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO Consultation, Content Marketing Services, Email Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Website Design, Micro-site Development, Public Relations (PR), Video Production, and many more relevant services.

How long does digital marketing take to work?

The ranking of a search engine depends on the type of services you opt from us. Be it website, PPC, social media, email, or any other relevant services. It takes several months to improve the ranking of a website. For organic SEO ideally it takes up to 90 days to measure SEO performance and results.

How will you report the work, and how do we know what you will be working on next?

At Shrey Webs, we believe in 100% transparency. On the very first of every month, we will send you monthly reports outlining the activities we have done for far. To validate the work and reports, we will also guide you on how to use Analytics to measure the performance. We will also update you with in-detail reports on keyword positions and weekly at your convenience; we will schedule a call to keep you updated with ongoing activities and latest SEO trends.

What are your payment terms?

We will update you with an invoice every month with 30-day payment terms; however, for specific projects, we require an upfront payment when it comes to building a new website, payment for PPC spends, or Facebook ad campaign.

What locations do you serve?

Our state of the art center is based in Ahmedabad, India, but we are offering our services around the world. We are serving all the shapes and sizes of clients. Out majority of clients are based in the USA, Australia, New Zeland, and India.

Do you outsource work?

Never. We never outsource the work. When you choose us for our exceptional services, we only focus on offering result-oriented SEO services to improve your business visibility through organic results. We don’t even outsource the content writing services as we have our own in-house team of content writers.

What if I am not satisfied with your SEO services?

That won’t be the case ever. We have a 100 % client satisfaction ratio. If you would like to discontinue our services, then you will be required to let us know prior to 14 days. Upon termination of the agreement, we will update you with a termination invoice that shall be paid within a week. On termination, we ensure to deliver all the completed work to the date.


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