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Build your digital presence in the thriving economy with the help of our expertise and deep knowledge of the industry.

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What Is SEO services ?

SEO service is part of the marketing solution design to optimize the website for organic searches to gain visibility on the web, a particular area, city, or state. It is an objective-based marketing strategy designed to reach the target audience looking for a service provider nearby their home or offices.

Google is heavily promoting SEO companies in their searches to allow users to take the help of professionals. Getting your business in the top place of Google searches will help you to dominate the region. Competition in industry-specific searches could be much lower, giving you the advantage to rank faster and acquire a big market share. Regional intent-based searches offer audiences instant solutions to their problems. Getting your website in the Google search will drive traffic and new leads and push you toward sustainable growth.

Therefore, Google created an ecosystem where businesses can offer services to nearby customers and grow engagement with instant, high-quality services.


Millions Google Ads Spends


Millions Google Ads Spends


Millions Google Ads Spends

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Why Shreywebs Is The Best SEO Company In India?

We are an SEO company in India offering a new-age SEO solution to businesses to reach the top rank. It enables companies to answer their target audience instantly and become reliable service providers.

Our approach is entirely different than the peer competitors. We work towards building your brand through organic SEO and present your company as an authentic and reliable solution provider to the customers.

Google wanted to reduce the service providers’ response time to allow customers to get the product or services as soon as they encounter specific situations.

As a result, Google has created unique search results targeting reputed companies offering good services to customers. Now the challenging part is achieving a top position in organic search which needs careful website optimization, strategy integration, developing a positive business presence, and, most importantly, building a brand that people will recognize and trust.

As an SEO agency in India, we help you to get into geo-targeting searches with our professional SEO services. Grow faster and capture the larger market to become a dominating player.

Whats Is Local SEO

Local SEO Services

Leverage our top-of-the-line local SEO services to improve your online presence and enhance your brand’s credibility to get noticed by potential local customers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke Technical SEO services that includes mobile performance, site architecture, crawl analysis and errors, internal link structure, XML sitemap, image optimization, and indexation.

Not in the organic search results; you’re not being found. Let us help you to expand your business.

SEO India Process

Website Optimization

Our strategic approach begins with optimizing the website to comply with the Google algorithm by targeting a city, region, country, and community that enables the business to rank in the organic searches.

Content Creation

The creative content writer will produce engaging content copy using target keywords. Experts will create a strategic content creation plan to accomplish victory while maintaining a good industry reputation.

Landing Pages

We perform functional changes to create a concrete SEO presence for each page available on the website. Artistic design, call-to-action buttons, engaging content, on-page SEO, and interlinking to relevant pages are some of the critical parts of SEO that will be taken care of to deliver a great user experience.

Quality Link Building

We build quality links to ensure the website receives enough link juice from reputed sites. Backlinks will push the website into the top search results of Google’s searches. High-quality backlinks are critical in increasing organic ranking and getting a higher position in all targeted keywords.

We also perform competitor analysis, manual outreach, and in-content link building to get a quick outcome from Search Engine Optimization.

Google Business Searches

Our top-notch SEO services will maximize the exposure of the business in organic search, map, and even voice search results. Users’ engagement will be high on your website, opening the new possibility to serve more customers from all the available channels.

Brand Enhancement

We will build your brand impression with engaging content, good presentation, and reviews. Brand building strategy will pave the growth path for creating strong customer bonds and generating positive ROI.

Local Citations

We list your business into well-established local sites, PR directories, and classifieds to increase the brand worthiness. Local listing is critical to getting recognized by the Google algorithm as a genuine business.

Paid Advertising

SEO services also consist of Paid advertisements in sponsor search results. We will create a pay-per-click campaign targeting the specific region to acquire new customers in the target searches. Dominate the province with organic and paid search listings.

Schema Markup

Schema market offers the inside information of your website pages, allowing the search engine crawler to scan the content. As a result, faster crawling is possible when the proper schema markup is used. It improves your success rate in the organic search.

Our Works

Mersey Flyer (UK) (UK)

Mersey Flyer (UK)

Objective: Direct Marketing Company in Liverpool, UK lagged behind in the competitive market due to a weak digital presence. The challenge was to enable the company to thrive digitally.

Services undertook: Comprehensive SEO

Result: Encompassing all the areas of search optimization, AONE consistently performed all the authentic on-page and off-page activities along with keyword-rich content to help attain a remarkable result.

  • Top rankings on 20+ keywords
  • 200% Increase in organic traffic
  • Robust digital footprint in 6 months (UK)

Objective: For a UK based linens company, the goal was to increase sales organically. The best alternative for organic digital growth, as we know is SEO.

Services undertook: eCommerce SEO

Result: We began the assignment by learning about their industry, determining the best keywords to target, refining their website for SEO, and engaging in regular SEO operations, which resulted in a wonderful achievement.

  • Top rankings on 150+ keywords
  • A significant increase in sales
  • More website visits

Join the hand with the top SEO Company in India.

SEO is the emerging marketing practice that revolves around bringing your business to the organic searches of your target market. Enterprises are leveraging the benefits of SEO services to get recognized as a reputed brand. 

On the other hand, Small-scale businesses have many advantages in doing SEO because they can generate leads from organic searches at minimum investment. Customers searching for the service nearby would lead to your business page in the top organic search. As a result, you will have customers from all around the world.

Most importantly, any kind of business will be able to dominate the region with fast and reliable services. Build a brand in the region and expand slowly in the other areas as the demand grows.

We are a renowned SEO company known for the highest customer support. We serve all shapes and sizes of businesses by offering them result-oriented SEO services. Our expertise and your vision will create a win-win condition for both of us. Get fresh leads and drive towards sustainable growth.

Get The Best Industry-Specific SEO Services In India

We have tailor-made solutions for every Industry. Our wide range of services comply with all niches and sectors. Improve your online presence with our proven SEO strategies and leverage the benefits of the digital revolution in the country. Join hands with the best SEO company India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need SEO service?

Being in the top position of Google search results gives you competitive advantages. Big enterprises pour money into highly competitive search terms to get a lead. Small businesses with low marketing budgets could not compete with multimillion-dollar companies. 

Ranking in the organic search results provides access to the nearby market where they can acquire customers, provide them with better service, build a trustworthy brand, and create a mouth promotion, driving more customers to your business. Implementation of SEO service gives you access to the untapped market.

How would my business be benefitted leveraging SEO services?

Brands that achieve the top spot in organic searches are given priority by the customers looking for solutions. Getting a top rank will open a new possibility for your business where you have a consistent flow of new customers. Your revenue will grow, and fresh leads will keep reaching you through the ranking in the organic search. We are the best SEO company in India, delivering excellent outcomes.

Do you guarantee results?

SEO is a dynamic process. Thus, the outcome will vary depending on multiple factors such as industry size, competition, and marketing budget. However, we ensure the best SEO practices are implemented to generate maximum outcomes from our services. We can demonstrate the success story of our previous customers. Based on the case study, you can judge our performance and trustworthiness.

What type of digital marketing services do you provide?

We have a pool of services designed to support different aspects of marketing. Our digital marketing services include Search engine optimization, Local SEO, Content marketing, Pay Per Click advertisement, On-page optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc.

How long do SEO services take to work?

SEO is an organic process; hence the outcome will take some time to appear in the search results.

Generally, 3 to 4 months to see your website in the ranking. Getting on the top may depend on factors such as the competition, current brand position, budget, etc. 

Although our team will take the necessary measures to pull your website into the top searches as soon as you place the order, the final results depend on the Google algorithm, which customers should consider before placing the order.

How will you report the work, and how do we know what you will be working on next?

We work in 100% transparency, where the customer will receive a comprehensive report end of every month. A monthly report will tell you the work done on your website. Also, one of our experts will be available on the call to guide you through the entire process and explain the report. 

Performance measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster are registered to showcase the analytical reports. Schedule a call to keep you updated about the status of your project, and trending news in SEO will be sent to you periodically.

What are your payment terms?

We have 30 days plan for the SEO. An invoice is generated at the end of each month. Upfront payment will be taken for building a new website, PPC spending, and paid Facebook campaign.

What locations do you serve?

We are an SEO company in India based in Ahmadabad City. Our servicing area is broader, consisting of customers from the international market. Moreover, we are offering services to all sizes and shapes of businesses. Our customers are from countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Do you outsource work?

We never outsource our work. Our qualified team undertakes the entire SEO process. Experts of industries, marketing experts, and the submission team oversee the campaign execution and produce the desired outcome.

What if I am not satisfied with your SEO services?

Our SEO services are designed after deep research and ongoing project execution. We have a 100% client satisfaction ratio in the Industry. Clients must report to us 14 days prior if they want to discontinue our services. 

Upon termination of the agreement, the invoice will be generated to pay the project cost. After the termination of the campaign, the delivery of all the reports and information will be sent within a few days.


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