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We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke Technical SEO services that includes mobile performance, site architecture, crawl analysis and errors, internal link structure, XML sitemap, image optimization, and indexation.

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Thriving in the Times of Cut-throat Competition

Getting hold of quality and result-driven technical SEO demands diligence and persistence, which Shrey Webs has by all means. We are a technical SEO strategist at heart who has hold of every basic to advanced skills that technical SEO demands. No matter how code-heavy and tedious it is technical SEO for others, we have managed to pull it off with our team of technical SEO experts. Leverage our years of experience to get the best-of-breed technical SEO and improve your brand image, reputation, and market presence. We are here to help you gain high ranking and great exposure on multiple digital platforms. Our team utilizes the best technical SEO practices and weave success for you.

Website Performance Monitoring

Your business website is the first thing that your customers will get encountered with while they are searching for your services. Hence, having a flawless website is imperative. Our technical SEO service will help you maneuver skills that will help you have a best-in-class, well-optimized, and engaging business website.

Continual checking of mobile-friendliness of your website
Adding the right kind of widgets
Proper optimization of title, domain name, and content
website monitoring tools
seo audit

Technical Audits

Always have an updated and latest website technical profile and acquire a high ranking. We will help you gain deeper insights into your website's performance, identify any technical fault, and prepare a remedial action in no time. Our technical SEO team is capable of conducting multiple and time-bound checks of some vitals like Robots .txt., mobile performance, crawl errors, duplicate content, and many more.

Proper image optimization
Upright internal link structure
Analyzing page speed technical

Penalty Recovery

Any wrong post or integration of the wrong widget can bring unwanted penalties for your website. Its direct impact would be on your ranking, and all your efforts will go in vain. But, as long as you have our technical SEO service, you maintain a safe distance from all these hassles.

Being a globally renowned technical SEO company, we keep an eye on every minute thing and help you recover from the penalty and prevent penalty in the easiest possible manner.

Recover your lost traffic in not time
Bound back with high rankings
Don’t let your reputation get tainted
seo penalty recovery services
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Speed Optimization

You can dream of success if your website has low speed or your web-pages are taking too
much time to show up. In that case, your customers won't think twice to leave your website
and never come-back. Hand over the speed optimization task in the expert hands of Shrey
Web and see the magic happening.

Lucrative rewards from Google
Time-to-time speed optimization
Improved ranking

Competitor Analysis

We will help you understand who all are your competitors and what gains an edge over you. Our technical SEO team will leave no stone unturned to find that x-factor that your counterparts have, and you lack. They will help you beat them at every front and grab the attention of the shared audience pool before anyone else does that. We have developed a niche in every domain and keep you updated with information like:

The SEO ranking of rivals
Targeted keywords and their usages
The insights of their technical profiles
The kind of digital marketing strategies they use
competitor analysis
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Canonical URL Check

To have extraordinary success, you have to ditch ordinary elements. With the use of these special canonical URLs, you can easily let Google and other search engines know to crawl a website immediately. These types of URLs specify the search results and help your customer to reach at the desired destination without any hassles. Though handling them is a tough job, Shrey Webs has mastered this skill.

Simplified tracking metrics
Time-to-time speed optimization
Improved ranking

Image Optimization

Image optimization may sound trivial to many, but it can bring 360-degree changes in your website optimization and Google ranking. Let us handle this job and see the magic happening. The digital marketers of Shrey Webs are well-versed in the art and science of image optimization and make your website/content visually pleasure while promising you maximum exposure. By using the latest image optimization skills, we promote the website's visibility.

Better load speed with better image quality
Immediate web accessibility
Use of correct image dimensions
banner pc

Backlink Analysis

Make sure that you have useful and result-driven backlinks on your website with our technical SEO service. We do continual performance analysis of every backlink that you have assigned for your business and help you find their real-time viability. So, you can make a wise choice.

Immediate identification of harmful links
Prevent Google penalty
Use of high-end backlink analysis tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Business Need Digital Marketing Services?

It is an opportunity to expand your business to the global marketplace; India has 706 Million internet users. Imagine internet users across the world. Digital Marketing services can help you increase your brand awareness, brand loyalty, and drive much-needed sales for your business. It is one of the essential, cost-effective, and highly recommendable ways to reach out to your prospective customers. Contrary to the traditional marketing methods, you can track the responses immediately and reach out to your target customers at any given point of time.

How would my business be benefitted leveraging your digital marketing services?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is indeed a tough job. Still, with Shrey Webs, the scenario is different as we work with you as your business partner, throughout your digital marketing journey. At Shrey Webs, we ensure that be it social media, search engines, or any other platform, your prospective customers can interact and complement your business through all the channels. Evaluating your brand, product, or services, we craft a top-of-the-line strategy to ensure your business achieves new heights of success.

Do you guarantee results?

The question can’t be answered in a yes or a no. SEO is a long-term process; it’s not an overnight success. SEO results take time, but the wait is worth it. To ensure you about success, what we can do is share our success stories or can put you in touch with them to help you better understand what kind of results we can produce.

What type of digital marketing services you provide?

We provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization Services, SEO Consultation, Content Marketing Services, Email Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, Website Design, Micro-site Development, Public Relations (PR), Video Production, and many more relevant services.

How long does digital marketing take to work?

The ranking of a search engine depends on the type of services you opt from us. Be it website, PPC, social media, email, or any other relevant services. It takes several months to improve the ranking of a website. For organic SEO ideally it takes up to 90 days to measure SEO performance and results.

How will you report the work, and how do we know what you will be working on next?

At Shrey Webs, we believe in 100% transparency. On the very first of every month, we will send you monthly reports outlining the activities we have done for far. To validate the work and reports, we will also guide you on how to use Analytics to measure the performance. We will also update you with in-detail reports on keyword positions and weekly at your convenience; we will schedule a call to keep you updated with ongoing activities and latest SEO trends.

What are your payment terms?

We will update you with an invoice every month with 30-day payment terms; however, for specific projects, we require an upfront payment when it comes to building a new website, payment for PPC spends, or Facebook ad campaign.

What locations do you serve?

Our state of the art center is based in Ahmedabad, India, but we are offering our services around the world. We are serving all the shapes and sizes of clients. Out majority of clients are based in the USA, Australia, New Zeland, and India.

Do you outsource work?

Never. We never outsource the work. When you choose us for our exceptional services, we only focus on offering result-oriented SEO services to improve your business visibility through organic results. We don’t even outsource the content writing services as we have our own in-house team of content writers.

What if I am not satisfied with your SEO services?

That won’t be the case ever. We have a 100 % client satisfaction ratio. If you would like to discontinue our services, then you will be required to let us know prior to 14 days. Upon termination of the agreement, we will update you with a termination invoice that shall be paid within a week. On termination, we ensure to deliver all the completed work to the date.

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